About us


Although I come from a long line of olive growers, it was only when, after having lived and worked in Zagreb for several decades, I returned to my native island of Hvar that my love for olive cultivation was sparked. I continued my family’s tradition and took over the care of 60 old trees. After I had groomed the neglected fields, I erected an olive grove with 300 young olive trees of the oblica and levantinka variety. Today, my family cultivates 450 olive trees in Bogomolje, a small village located in the eastern part of the island of Hvar. Over time, working in the olive grove became my way of life, and I soon opened an oil mill and tasting room in order to offer guests a different kind of tourism – one in which they would be able to enjoy pristine nature and fully savour the flavour of the extra-virgin olive oil that we offer.

- Ivo Radojković